Fundamental Shi’ite Beliefs
Abdullah b. Muhammad as-Salafi  
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Fundamental Shi’ite Beliefs
     Fundamental Shi’ite Beliefs
     Foreword of Sheik Abdul-Aziz b. Abdullah b. Baz, may Allah have mercy on him
     When did the Shi’ite Sect First Appear?
     Why are Shi’tes Called ‘Rejectionists’?
     How Many Shi’ite Sects are there?
     The Belief of Al-Bada’ which the Rafidhah believe in
     What is the Belief of the Rawafidh in relation to the Attributes of Allah
     What is the Belief of the Rawaafidh in relation to the Qur’an that we have today?
     What is the Belief of the Raafidhah in relation to the Companions of the Prophet ?
     Common Traits between Jews and Raafidhah
     What is the Belief of the Rafidhah in relation their Imams?
     What is the reality behind the belief of ‘Ar-Raj’ah’ that the Raafidhah believe in?
     What is the reality behind the belief of ‘At-Tuqyah’ that the Raafidhah believe in?
     What is the reality behind the belief of ‘At-Teenah’ that the Raafidhah believe in?
     What is the belief of the Raafidhah in relation to Sunni Muslims
     What is the belief of the Raafidhah in relation to Mut’ah and what is its virtue?
     What is the belief of the Raafidhah in relation to an-Najaf and Karbala? What is the merit of visiting these places according to them?
     What is the difference between Sunni Muslims and Shi’ites
     What is the belief of the Shi’ites in relation to Aashoora and what is its merit according to them?
     What is the belief of the Shi’ites in relation to the Bai’at (Pledge of Allegiance)?
     What is the ruling of overlooking the differences between Sunni Muslims and Polytheist Raafidhah?
     What have the Pious Predecessors said about the Raafdihah?
     Surat al-Wilayah
     The Alleged Tablet of Fatimah
     Du’aa Sanamai Quraish (i.e. the two idols of Quraish)What is meant is Abu Bakr and Umar?
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Surat al-Wilayah

This is the translation of the chapter of the Qur’an the Shi’ites claim was removed by Sunni Muslims from the Qur’an:


O you who believe, believe in the two lights that We have sent down that recite to you My verses and warn you from the torment of a Great Day. Two lights from each other and I am the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. Those who are faithful to the verses and His Messenger indeed have Gardens filled with bounty. Those who disbelieve after having believed by disregarding the covenant that was given to them by the Messenger will be tossed into Hell. They wronged themselves and disobeyed the ‘Wasi’ (regent, i.e. Ali) and they will be given to drink from Hameem (a river in Hell). Indeed it is Allah who has lightened the heavens and earth with what He willed and chose from the Angels and made the believers of His creation, Allah does what He wills, there is no God but Him, He is the All-Merciful, the especially Merciful.

Those in the past planned evil plans for their Messengers, so Allah destroyed them on account of their planning. And I punish severely. Indeed Allah destroyed the people of Aad and Thamood on account of what they did and has made them for you a clear sign, don’t you have fear? Fir’awn was punished for what he did towards Musa and his brother Haroon, I drowned him and those who followed him, so that this would serve for you as a sign, but the majority of you are sinners. Allah will gather them on the Day of Resurrection and they will not be able to answer when they are questioned. Hell is their abode and indeed Allah is all-Knowing and all-Wise. O Messenger convey my warning to them for they will come to know. Those who went away from my signs and rule will be among the losers. Those who are sincere to the covenant will be rewarded with Gardens of Bliss. Indeed Allah is all-Forgiving and has a great reward.

Indeed Ali is among the pious. We will give him his full compensation on the Day of Resurrection. We are not going to wrong him in the least. We have honored him above all of your family. Indeed he and his family are patient. Indeed his enemy is the chief of the criminals. Say to those who disbelieve after they have believed, “you have sought the beauty of this world, and rushed to attain it, and you forget Allah’s covenant upon you, and you broke the firm promises and we have struck many examples for you so that you heed.

O Messenger We have sent down to you many clear verses which state that those who die as believers that they will be successful. Leave the disbelievers aside, we will gather them on a Day in which nothing will benefit them nor will they be shown mercy. They will be cast into Hell. So praise the name of your Rubb and be of those who prostrate. We have sent Musa and Haroon, but they wanted Haroon. So hold patiently, and we made from among them (i.e. the Jews) monkeys and swine and we cursed them till the Day of Resurrection. Have patience and they will come to their senses. We have through you established the system of justice, just as We did through previous Messengers. We made from them a ‘Wasi’ so that they would return.

Whoever forsakes My command, indeed they will return to Me. Let them enjoy their disbelief for a short time, and do not ask about those who break the covenant. O Messenger We have made for you on the throats of those who believed a covenant, so take by it and be from the thankful.

Indeed Ali performs prayers by the night and is fearful of the Hereafter, and he hopes for the reward of His Rubb. Say, are those who wrong themselves equal while they know of My punishment? We will put on their throats chains and they will be sorry for what they have done. We have given you the glad-tidings of his good progeny. They have from Me reward. And to those who have taken the path of the righteous, will have from Me mercy and they will reside in Heaven safely, and all praise is due to Allah, the Rubb of the Worlds.


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